The Taliban Will Drown in the turbulent wave it has created; Sarwar Danish

8 Subh, Kabul: Mohammed Sarwar Danish, second vice president says that the Taliban will be drowning in the turbulent wave it has created, and the country’s defense and security forces will teach them another lesson that will never be forgotten.

In a Facebook post, the second vice president wrote that the so-called “conquests” of the Taliban started from areas and lands in which they have no social and cultural acceptance among the people.

According to Danish, the northern provinces and central regions of Afghanistan in the 1970s showed that they would not give in to the Taliban’s “coercion and monopoly over power” and will not allow the Taliban to rule.

The second vice president added that the Taliban is now “repeating the same mistake of the 1970s which they will sink into the whirlpool of the turbulent wave they have created.”

Sarwar Danish added that over the past two years, the Taliban and its supporters chanted the slogan of peace and gained relative international legitimacy.

He also wrote that the Afghan government welcomed the slogan but that the Taliban have so far shown that they have not the slightest belief in peace and peaceful coexistence and does not submit to anything but its monopoly over power, and their representatives present in Doha are only symbolic, and so far they have not been present at any effective and meaningful negotiations.

Danish added that the clearest evidence of this claim is the escalation of violence and war. He added that with the withdrawal of foreign troops from Afghanistan, there was no legitimate justification for war, which is why all Islamic scholars, from Pakistan and Saudi Arabic to Indonesia and Malaysia have declared the Taliban war illegitimate.

The second vice president continued: “the Taliban and their supports, without any shame called their militia as “conquerors” and openly laughed at everyone who supports peace, especially those who rushed to negotiate with the Taliban in various countries and now, they are trying to capture as much land as possible. “

Sarwar Danish further said that along with the security and defence forces, widespread popular uprisings and nationwide resistance are taking shape within the framework of state sovereignty to defend the republic and to suppress the enemies of the system.

According to Sarwar Danish, among the three branches of government, politicians and political parties in the country, there is enough political consensus in defence of the system and the republic and opposition to the Taliban Emirate, and the Afghan people of all ethnicities in 34 provinces have a united front against the Taliban.

In the end, Sarwar Danish emphasized that if the Taliban does not accept peace and political solution, it will not achieve its goals through military and the escalation of violence or in any other way, and the people will never accept the “humiliation” of surrendering to tyranny and monopoly.