Unveiling of Afghan Girl’s Novel “Afsun Beyond the Vineyard” in Canada

The novel, written by young Afghan author Khatera Tughra, was unveiled on Thursday, May 11, in Toronto, Canada, with the presence of several Canadian writers. The English version of the novel is set to be published by late next month.

According to the author, “Afsun Beyond the Vineyard” is a psychological portrait of a family accused of religious extremism.

Khatera Tughra stated, “I want Western readers to understand that Afghan women and men are unique individuals with their own personalities, not just stereotypes they see in Hollywood movies.”

Canadian novelist Catherine Govier described the novel as “deeply disturbing, very horrific and entirely believable.”

It is worth mentioning that “Afsun Beyond the Vineyard” won several awards in Turkey after its publication in Turkish in 2020. Tughra began writing the novel in 2018.