Young Man’s Suicide Adds to Rising Suicide Rates in Bamyan Province

Local sources in Bamyan province report that a 22-year-old man has committed suicide.

According to local sources, the young man, who was known to be a hardworking employee of a private company in Bamyan city, hanged himself on Thursday, 13 April, in the village of Siyah-Khak, in the Fuladi valley of Bamyan center.

Sources say that the body of the young man has been transferred to the Bamyan provincial hospital for further investigation.

Although the reason for the young man’s suicide is unknown, local officials of the Taliban in Bamyan have not yet commented on the matter.

In recent months, the suicide rate among young people in several provinces of the country has increased. Poverty, unemployment, hopelessness, domestic violence, and restrictions imposed by the Taliban are cited as reasons for the increase in suicide among young people.