17 Taliban Members Killed in Kunduz, Claims National Freedom Front

The National Freedom Front – an anti-Taliban paramilitary group – has claimed that 17 Taliban members have been killed in an offensive by its forces in Kunduz province.

By publishing a statement today, the front said that this operation was launched on Saturday (July 9th).

Based on the reports, the operation has been launched in the villages of Andrabiha and Nawabad in the Khanabad district of Kunduz province.

The front has also said that an ammunition depot belonging to the Taliban was demolished and a military Humvee was destroyed.

However, local sources in Khanabad district say that as a result of an operation by armed men on the Taliban in the villages of Andrabiha and Nawabad, five Taliban members were killed.

The Taliban have not yet commented on these developments.

These anti-Taliban forces also announced that the Taliban’s police chief for the Nawur district of Ghazni province has been killed by his own men this morning (Sunday, July 10th).