20 Minivans Carrying Passengers Trapped in Snow in Central Afghanistan’s Bamiyan-Ghor Provinces

According to local sources who spoke to Hasht-e Subh, roughly 20 minivans carrying dozens of passengers are stranded on the Kabul-Ghor highway.

Sources have reported that the minivans were trapped on both sides of the Kotal-e-Bakak mountain pass along the Kabul-Ghor highway.

Two passengers, who preferred to remain anonymous, informed Hasht-e Subh that 20 minivans carrying women and children and dozens of other passengers have been stranded on both sides of Kotal-e-Bakak pass, situated between the first district of Yakawlang in Bamiyan and nearby villages in Ghor’s Lal-Wa-Sarjangal district, for the past three days.

Passengers have reported that local Taliban authorities in Ghor have not made any attempts to reopen the notorious mountain pass and allow traffic to pass through, according to their accounts.

No statements have been made by local Taliban officials in Ghor as of yet.

The Kotal-e-Bakak mountain pass, which is located on the Kabul-Ghor roadway, is notorious for closing down to traffic during the winter months due to heavy snowfall. The harsh weather conditions and rugged terrain of the region often make it difficult to maintain a clear pathway for vehicles traveling through the area. As a result, passengers and drivers may be stranded for extended periods of time until the snow clears and the roads become passable again.