6 Million People Are a Step Away From Famine in Afghanistan, Says UN Women

The United Nations Entity for gender quality and women’s empowerment has said that women will be the most vulnerable to the impending famine crisis in Afghanistan.

The UN Women in Afghanistan said in a statement on Tuesday (December 13th) on Twitter that six million people in Afghanistan are a step away from famine, adding that women and girls are most exposed to the crisis.

“With direct barriers to their rights to move and to work, women and girls are the last to access to food, water, safe shelter, and healthcare,” the statement read. “Women are forced to sell their assets to buy food, or, in most extreme cases, families have to sell their girls for marriage,” the UN body detailed.

Since reclaiming power in Afghanistan in August 2021, the Taliban have introduced severe restrictions on women’s basic rights, lives and mobility, depriving them of accessing vital services.