Afghan Journalists in Iran Feel Abandoned by Media Advocates

Afghan journalists staged an indoor protest in Tehran on Saturday to draw global attention to the plight of Afghan journalists residing in Iran.

Afghan journalists residing in Iran have expressed that they have been residing in a state of ambiguity and uncertainty for the past several months. They also reported that the organizations that pledged to evacuate them have not taken any steps yet.

Afghan journalists based in Iran claimed that the institutions that offer protection to journalists and the nations that pledged to collaborate in their evacuation have disregarded them.

“We have been neglected by the organizations that support journalists and the countries that promised to cooperate in our evacuation,” Afghan journalists in Iran said.

Afghan journalists residing in Iran are urging for their prompt evacuation from countries and organizations that provide assistance to media and journalists.

There are reportedly around 80 Afghan journalists currently residing in Iran with their families, but these figures are unverified. They fled to Iran after the Taliban seized control of Afghanistan, as they faced security risks from the militant group as media employees.