Afghan Schoolgirls’ Heartfelt Plea to World Leaders: Education Ban Tears Us from Society’s Embrace

Over a thousand schoolgirls have penned a letter addressed to world leaders and Islamic nations, highlighting how the prohibition of their education has not only deprived them of learning opportunities but also left them isolated from society.

On Monday, September 18th, these girls, hailing from 21 provinces across the country, conveyed, “We feel shattered and confined within a cage, deeply disheartened and uncertain about our future.”

They report that since the ban on educating girls beyond the sixth grade was enforced, they have witnessed a surge in suicides, underage marriages, and unexplained deaths.

These courageous girls have called upon international organizations, Islamic nations, the United Nations, and its member countries to firmly stand with girls and activists, ensuring that girls have unhindered access to education and bolstering their legitimate voices with support.

This plea comes amidst the resurgence of the Taliban’s control over Afghanistan, where girls beyond the sixth grade have been denied access to schools. Furthermore, the right to education for Afghan women and girls was revoked by this group last year.

It is worth noting that Afghanistan currently stands as the only country in the world where girls are denied their right to education.

Yesterday, Amnesty International also urged the Taliban to be held accountable for this matter.