‘Afghanistan in Worst Winter Grips in a Decade,’ Reports Washington Post

The Washington Post has reported that Russia’s attack on Ukraine has sidelined Afghanistan from the attention of the international community, and this country is currently in the grips of the worst winter in more than a decade.

In a piece on Monday, the Washington Post examined the cold winter and the difficulties of the people of Afghanistan.

It is stated in the article that temperatures plunged to below minus-34 degrees Celsius (minus-29.2 degrees Fahrenheit) last week and the Taliban-run Afghanistan’s National Disaster Management Authority (ANDMA), also called the Ministry of Disaster Management, has also confirmed the death of more than 160 people and the loss of 70,000 livestock due to the extreme cold.

Martin Griffiths, the UN’s humanitarian chief who also recently traveled to Afghanistan, said it was important for his organization and other agencies to be able to work with women and it is necessary for the Taliban to make “practical exceptions” given the circumstances.

“We don’t have time,” Griffiths said. “The winter is with us, people are dying, famine is looming.”

Poverty, hunger and lack of heating facilities have made life difficult and exhausting for the people of Afghanistan in the face of an unprecedented winter.