An Inclusive Government Must Be Formed in Afghanistan, Cavusoglu Says

Kabul – On Thursday, October 14, the acting foreign minister of the Taliban who had gone to Turkey at the head of a delegation, visited Mevlut Cavusoglu, the foreign minister of Turkey.
Mevlut Cavusoglu, in a press conference, gave the details of the meeting, according to Anadolu News Agency.

Cavusoglu has stressed again in the meeting with the delegations of the Taliban that for maintaining peace in Afghanistan, an inclusive government must be formed. Besides the Taliban, all the ethnic and religious groups should take part in the government, according to him.

“After the meeting, the delegations proposed their request for traveling to Turkey with the representatives of different countries including the United States in Doha, the capital of Qatar last night,” the Turkish Foreign Minister stated in the press conference.

After receiving the information, he has shared his opinion as a brother, Mevlut stated.
“Until today, we have explained the importance of the interaction with the current Taliban’s government, and countries around the world are now aware of this and are in contact with the Taliban, both impartially and biasedly,” Cavusoglu said.

The Turkish Foreign Minister also stressed the need to solve the problem of delivering urgent humanitarian assistance in the framework of interaction, adding that Turkey’s Hilal Ahmar has delivered a shipment of 33,000 tons of humanitarian aid from Pakistan to Afghanistan.
Afghanistan’s economy shouldn’t collapse, he stated.

“Those countries which have frozen the money and the accounts of Afghanistan abroad should be more flexible in terms of depositing their rights. Also, we have received information about that from the recent changes,” the foreign minister clarified.

The Taliban has announced if the Afghan refugees want to return to their country, they will support them with any possible form, according to him.

The foreign minister of Turkey also said that he has stated his advice for girls’ education and women’s employment with the Taliban.

In recent days, the Taliban has held negotiations with the United States, European Union, and western diplomats in Doha; plus, in the talks, the Taliban demanded the release of the Central Bank’s assets, humanitarian aid, and engagement with the newly formed government.