Balkh University’s Literature Students Boycott Classes Until Female Students Return

Students of Balkh University’s Language and Literature faculty refused to attend classes until female students are allowed to return to universities.

On Monday, the Balkh University’s Language and Literature faculty students sent a letter to the university president, declaring that they would boycott classes until the university allows girls to attend classes.

The letter sent by the Balkh University Language and Literature students reads: “We previously protested the ban on girls’ education, and we will not attend classes until girls are allowed to enter the university.”

The students’ letter to the university president affirms their prior commitment to boycott classes until girls have the right to study.

After the Taliban announced the prohibition of women’s education, Balkh University experienced intense demonstrations that resulted in the detention of several protesting students.

Despite domestic and international pressure, the Taliban have yet to give any indication that they will permit girls to attend schools and universities in the upcoming academic year. This decision has sparked concerns for the future of education for Afghan girls and young women, who have made significant gains in education and employment opportunities in recent years.

Since their takeover in August 2021, the Taliban have shown a desire to rule in a similar fashion as they did between 1996 and 2001, when they enforced a complete prohibition on girls’ education and women’s employment. The international community continues to urge the Taliban to respect and protect women’s rights in Afghanistan.