Heavy Rain and Flash Floods Have Caused Significant Financial Damage to Residents of Four Provinces

Local sources in the provinces of Nimruz, Zabul, Maidan Wardak, and Ghazni report dozens of families and farmers have suffered losses due to the heavy hail and flash floods in these provinces.

On Wednesday, sources reported that in addition to displacing dozens of families, the wrath of nature has also damaged hundreds of acres of agricultural land.

As per the sources, in the aftermath of flash floods in the Delaram district of Nimruz province, 220 to 230 residential homes have been destroyed and families are left homeless in the open air and cold weather. Hundreds of acres of agricultural land have also been submerged in water in this district.

Meanwhile, local sources in Zabul report that due to heavy rainfall last night, floodwaters have entered homes in the Hazara, Kharwarian, and Sarak-e-Liwa areas, displacing 45 families.

According to sources, 150 hectares of agricultural land have also been submerged in water in the Shamalzo, Mizarah, Arghandab, and Khak Afghan districts of Zabul.

On the other hand, local sources in Ghazni report that heavy snowfall since last night has blocked Mamand-Kotal and Shamsuddin-Kotal passes in Jeghato district, disrupting traffic.

Sources from Maidan Wardak, adjacent to Kabul, also report that heavy hail in the Nerkh, Chek, and Sayedabad districts of this province has caused losses to orchard owners and farmers.

Yesterday, heavy rain and flash floods in Parwan province also severely affected the residents of the province.