House of Representative Calls on the Government Leadership and Politicians to End the “Tense Situation” in Faryab Province

8 Subh; Kabul: The Speaker of the House of Representatives expressed concern over the continuing popular protests against the new governor of Faryab and the “tense” situation in the province.

Mir Rahman Rahmani on Wednesday, May 19, in the plenary session of the House of Representatives, called on the government, the state and the influential officials in Faryab to put an end to this “tense” situation and the “concerns of the people.”

Rahmani said Afghans should learn from four decades of war, poverty and migration since only unity and mutual respect can bring the country out of the current situation.

The Speaker of the House of Representatives stated that politicians and political groups should not divide the people with their “personal biases and interests.”

Mir Rahman Rahmani emphasizes that governors do not have sufficient “administrative and financial” powers and only exercise the powers conferred to them by the government.

The Speaker of the House of Representatives pointed out that this kind of governance, on the one hand, undermines local talents and, on the other hand, weakens governance. He called for more powers to be given to governors.

However, after the appointment of Mohammad Dawood Laghmani as the governor of Faryab, demonstrations took place against him, which are still going on. Laghmani started his work at a military base in Faryab four days ago.

However, the governor’s office and some government offices in Faryab have been closed by protesters. Pictures of people with various weapons were seen among the demonstrators yesterday, adding to concerns.