Local Forces Inflict Casualties on Taliban in Balkhab

A source close to Mawlawi Mehdi says that several Taliban fighters have been killed and several others were captured during the battle in Balkhab.

Seven Taliban fighters have been killed and 16 others were wounded in the clashes, the source said. Moreover, two members of the local forces, who were from the Zari district of Balkh province, have been killed in the battle.

The source said that local forces in Balkhab, led by Mawlawi Mehdi, attacked the Taliban forces on Thursday evening (June 23rd) in the area between Dozdan Dara and Qomkotal. Local forces, in addition to inflicting casualties, seized four Humvees belonging to the Taliban with their equipment, according to the source. They have also blown up two other Humvees belonging to the Taliban.

He added that Taliban forces had been forced to retreat to the Siahghezhdi area of ​​Zari district in Balkh after facing a counterattack by forces affiliated with Mehdi Mujahid.

The Taliban have not yet commented on the battle of Balkhab.