Local Residents Engaged in Tense Battle Against Nomadic Intruders in Khaja Bahauddin, Takhar Province

Local sources in Takhar province have reported a fierce conflict between residents of Khaja Bahauddin district and a group of nomads in the region.

According to reliable sources cited by Hasht-e Subh, the confrontation erupted on Tuesday, June 20, resulting in an injury to one nomad.

These sources reveal that a group of nomads infiltrated the village of Naw-Abad-e Sajani in Khaja Bahauddin district, posing a grave threat to around 300 families and their cherished homes, leaving them under immense pressure to evacuate.

Furthermore, it has come to light that these residents were formerly inhabitants of the Migrant Qushlaq village but recently resettled in Nowabad-e Sajani, driven by aspirations for a better life.

Disturbingly, the sources claim that those who dare to resist the nomads are unjustly apprehended on charges of affiliations with ISIS and the Resistance Front.

Regrettably, clashes between nomads and settled residents have become a recurring issue.

With the Taliban’s resurgence in Afghanistan, nomads have consistently engaged in hostile encounters with native residents across multiple locations, coercing them into abandoning their cherished homes.