Man Shot by Taliban for Daring to Speak Out: Criticism Comes at a Deadly Price

In a shocking incident, a man in Samangan province was shot by a local Taliban commander for criticizing the group’s performance.

Local sources confirm that a resident of Roy-e Duab district, following his attempt to lodge a complaint regarding harassment and intimidation by local Taliban commanders to the group’s Interior Minister, was apprehended and subsequently shot on the orders of Qari Muawiya on Tuesday, June 13.

The victim, identified as a farmer, had no prior military background, as stated by the sources.

So far, the Taliban have not commented on the matter.

It is worth mentioning that last week, Sirajuddin Haqqani, the Minister of Interior Affairs for the Taliban, visited several provinces during his trip to the northern region of the country.

This is not the first instance of non-combatants being targeted by the Taliban in Samangan due to criticism of the group’s actions. Previously, Abdullah, a resident of Dar-e-Suf Payin district in this province, was shot after filing a complaint against the mistreatment of individuals by a local Taliban commander in the district.

The Taliban have previously warned that no one has the right to criticize the group’s operations.