Money Changer Killed in Nangarhar by Taliban Intelligence

The brother of Haji Rajveli has called for the Taliban intelligence group to be held accountable for his death.

On Monday, Rahmatwali released a video in which he declared that he had no affiliation with exsoldiers or anyone else, and that the Taliban must answer for their actions or face consequences on the Day of Judgment.

At first, Taliban demanded to take a number of mourners with them and release the prisoner, but when the family members left, Taliban told them that the prisoner had committed suicide and that they could hand over the body from the hospital, his brother declared.

The Taliban officials in Nangarhar and the money changers union of the province have not commented on the matter yet.

Money changers in Nangarhar have reported that Taliban intelligence has been extorting them for ransom and subjecting them to harassment.

The Taliban has a history of arresting, torturing, and killing soldiers of the former government and citizens of the country, and this is not the first instance of such actions.