Mystery Surrounds the Murder of 65-Year-Old Man in Kapisa Province

Local sources in Kapisa province report that a 65-year-old man was mysteriously murdered in the area.

The incident took place on Thursday, 13 April, in Qazi-Khail village, Hisse Awal-e Kohistanat distrect of Kapisa province.

The victim’s name was Abdul Hafeez, who was shot dead with a hunting rifle.

The motive behind the murder of Abdul Hafeez is still unclear.

Local Taliban officials have confirmed the incident and stated that the victim’s body was found in a wheat field.

Abdul Fattah Fayez, a spokesman for the Taliban security command in Kapisa, stated that six individuals have been arrested in connection with this incident.

Similar incidents have increased in Kapisa province in recent months.

On the 1 April, a man from the central district of this province was also mysteriously killed in Shamir-Khil village.