NRF Commander Along With 21 Taliban Fighters Killed in Badakhshan Province

A top NRF commander and 9 men under his command were killed in Badakhshan province.

Sources told Hasht-e Subh on Friday (October 21st) that 21 Taliban fighters were killed and 7 others were wounded in the clashes against National Resistance Front (NRF) forces in Arghanchkhah, Ragh, Yiftal Bala and Sheewa districts.

Sayed Bahruddin Agha, a senior NRF commander, was surrounded by the Taliban and killed along with 9 people under his command on Thursday (October 20th).

The skirmishes have continued in four districts of Badakhshan since a week, and in the past recent days at least 8 Taliban attacks on NRF positions have been repelled.

The NRF has confirmed the death of its top commander in Badakhshan battles.

The Taliban do not say anything about the battles in Badakhshan.

Recently, the Taliban have mobilized its forces to launch a large-scale operation in Badakhshan against NRF forces.