Panjshir: Taliban Bombs Peshghor Village in Khenj District

Local sources in Panjshir province say that the Taliban bombed the National Resistance Front (NRF) bases in Peshghor village and surrounding areas in Khenj District.

The Taliban bombed the Peshghor area of ​​Khenj district around 2:00 am on Friday (July 15th), based on information provided by local sources.

NRF forces and civilians have not been harmed in this offensive.

Sources state that the NRF commandos had left the area even before the offensive took place.

According to these sources, the war in the Peshghor region of Khenj district is being led by NRF commandos under the command of Commander Delawar.

The Taliban and NRF have not officially said anything about this incident so far.

Armed clashes have been raging on intermittently in Khenj and Shutal districts of Panjshir province since Wednesday night.