Protesters Around the World Demand to “Stop Hazara Genocide”

Following the protests against the terrorist attack on the “Kaaj Educational Center in west Kabul, Afghan citizens have been staged protests in several cities around the world chanting the slogan “Stop Hazara Genocide”.

Hundreds of people on Sunday, October 16 gathered in the cities of Lyon and Lille in France, Strasbourg in Germany, Glasgow in Scotland, Vienna in Austria, Amsterdam in Holland, Seoul in South Korea, Kayseri in Turkey and  in America.

Condemning the terrorist attack on KEC – Kaaj Educational Center, the protestors in these gatherings called for an end to the “genocide of the Hazaras” and for the international community to pay attention to the situation of this ethnic group.

This is despite the fact that last week in more than 100 cities of different countries in Europe, Australia, America, and Asia, protest gatherings were held in connection to this matter.

According to the statistics of the United Nations representative office in Kabul, at least 53 innocent students were killed and more than 110 others, most of whom were female students, are injured in the attack on the Kaj educational center.

But some other sources have reported that 58 people were killed and 126 people were injured based on information collected from health sources and the families of the victims.

Hundreds of students of KEC who had gathered in a large classroom in this center to take the practice university entrance examination were targeted by a suicide attack on September 30 this year.

The explosion took place in the girls’ section of the class, the majority of the victims are female students under the age of 20.