Taliban Arrest Female Police Officer from Previous Government for the Second Time, Leaving Her Fate Unknown in Ghazni Province

According to local sources, the Taliban arrested a female police officer from the previous government from her home in the center of Ghazni province five days ago.

Sources reported to Hasht-e Subh on Monday, May 1, that the Taliban arrested this policewoman, identified as Mahtab Hamdard, on Thursday, April 27.

Mahtab Hamdard served as a national police officer in the women’s prison in Daikundi province and a staff member of the fight against criminal activities during the previous government. After the fall of the previous government, she stayed hidden in Kabul for a while to protect her life and later moved to Ghazni.

According to the source, the Taliban had previously arrested Mahtab Hamdard on April 5, due to her military activities in the previous government. With the mediation of influential people, local elders, and the Taliban leadership’s amnesty on the occasion of Eid al-Fitr, she was released from prison.

The source added that a few days had not passed since Mahtab Hamdard’s release when the Taliban again arrested her from her home at night and took her to an unknown location. No one knows her fate now.

A reliable source in Daikundi province also confirms that a young woman named Mahtab served as a police officer in one of the police stations in this province during the previous government.

According to the source, Taliban forces arrested her in Ghazni province and took her to an unknown location.

Local Taliban officials in Ghazni have not commented on the matter yet.

It is worth noting that the arrest of former security forces by the Taliban is not a new issue. This group previously arrested another female police officer named Alia Azizi, who was the former director of the women’s prison in Herat.

Now, after almost 20 months, it is unknown whether Azizi is alive or dead.