Taliban Ban Shia-Sunni Marriages in Badakhshan’s Nusay District

The Taliban banned marriages among Shia and Sunni practitioners in Nusay district of Badakhshan, situated in the northeastern part of Afghanistan.

By issuing a decree, a copy of which was obtained by Hasht-e Subh on Friday, the Taliban said that they issued this order based on religious and ideological considerations.

In the announcement issued by the Taliban-appointed district governor in Nusay district of Badakhshan province, it is stated: “Regarding religious and ideological considerations, all ethnic groups in the territory of this district are instructed that from now on, no one from Sunni followers will be allowed to give a daughter to a Shia follower, nor a Shia Muslim can give a daughter to a Sunni Muslim.

The Taliban in this district have emphasized that whenever the locals face a sharia or conditional consideration in accepting the marriage of a boy and a girl, the district authorities should be informed.

Some citizens see this decision as discrimination and as fueling intolerance and prejudice among religious groups.

Throughout the period of the Taliban government’s one-and-a-half year rule over Afghanistan, they have been accused of discriminating against ethnic and religious groups. The Taliban have denied these claims repeatedly.