Taliban Blow Up a School Building in Panjshir Province

Local sources in Panjshir province report that Taliban have exploded the boys’ high school building “Dahan-Riyot” in the Khinj district of this province.

Sources told Hasht-e Subh that Taliban destroyed the school with a mine explosion around 9:00 am on Monday.

The school, which had 700 students in the past, was a Taliban military base.

According to sources, Taliban blew up the school due to repeated demands from residents to open it for students.

Taliban have not yet commented on the matter.

Last year, a school building in Parian district of Panjshir, which Taliban used as a military stronghold, caught fire due to unknown reasons.

At that time, residents accused Taliban of setting fire to the school.

It should be noted that since taking control of Afghanistan, the Taliban have established military strongholds in more than 41 schools in various parts of Panjshir.

According to reports, Taliban fighters used the desks and chairs of these schools as firewood during the past two winters.