Taliban Coerce Villagers in Samangan to Hand Over 70 Firearms

The Taliban reportedly demanded 70 firearms from residents of a village in Samangan province, according to reliable local sources.

On Friday, credible local sources reported to Hasht-e Subh that the Taliban have instructed the inhabitants of Kota village in Dara-i Sufi Bala district, Samangan province, to procure and surrender 70 different types of firearms to their group within a week.

According to a trustworthy source who requested anonymity, the Taliban launched an assault on Kota village approximately three days ago with the assistance of their local infiltrators. They have given the residents of this village, including previous soldiers and local leaders, a week to hand over 70 firearms to the Taliban.

The sources further stated that the Taliban have threatened to detain the inhabitants of Kota if they fail to comply with their directive.

Another source stated that the Taliban requested only 28 rifles from a local elder in Kota village who has no military or government background.

As of now, the local authorities of the Taliban in Samangan province have not made any statements regarding this matter.

Two weeks ago, the Taliban’s intelligence forces raided Kota village, which is situated in Dara-i Sufi Bala district of Samangan province. The village is known as the birthplace of Mohammad Tahir Zohair, the former governor of Bamiyan. During the raid, the Taliban arrested five of Mr. Zohair’s relatives and harassed several of his fellow villagers.