Taliban: More than 50 people were killed and injured in the recent earthquake in Afghanistan

Following the occurrence of a severe earthquake in Afghanistan, Taliban has announced that more than 50 people have been killed and injured in this natural event.

On Wednesday, Shafiullah Rahimi, the spokesman of the Ministry of Preparedness for Combating Natural Events of the Taliban, said in a video message to the media that these people were killed and wounded in the provinces of Kabul, Badakhshan, Paktika, Laghman, Takhar, Khost, Baghlan, and Samangan.

According to his speech, more than 63 residential houses are also destroyed after this earthquake.

Rahimi emphasized that these statistics are preliminary and may change.

According to reports, last night’s 6.5-magnitude earthquake, the center of which was said to be in the Yamgan district of Badakhshan, was felt in Pakistan, India, and Tajikistan in addition to Afghanistan.