Taliban Raises the Price of ID Cards and Birth Certificates, Leaving Afghans in Dire Straits

In its thirty-first session, the Taliban cabinet has approved a request by the Statistics Department of this group to increase the cost of electronic and paper identity cards and birth certificates.

According to a newsletter published by the Taliban on Wednesday, April 13, the cost of electronic identity cards has increased from 300 Afghanis to 500 Afghanis.

The Taliban have also decided that paper identity cards will be distributed at a price of 200 Afghanis to citizens.

According to the newsletter, the Taliban have set the cost of birth certificates for infants at 200 Afghanis and for adults at 500 Afghanis.

As per the decision made in the Taliban cabinet meeting, new absent identification cards and birth certificates will be distributed at a cost of 200 US dollars.

This comes as according to reports from the United Nations, after the Taliban took over Afghanistan, poverty and unprecedented destitution have plagued citizens of the country, leaving them unable to afford the set fees to obtain their citizenship documents.