Taliban Steals from Women in Kandahar Province: Reports of Rising Crime Rates and Disturbing Tactics

As crime rates increase in Kandahar province, sources report that some Taliban fighters are involved in thefts in this province.

On Tuseday, April 11, a Taliban audio message was sent to members of the group’s fighters, where it was revealed that one of their members had stolen valuables from several women in the fifth district of Kandahar city.

According to the audio message, which was sent by a security official to Hasht-e Subh, Taliban fighters forcibly take women from the roads under the pretext of creating security problems for Taliban leaders and drive them by motorcycle to remote areas where they steal their money and valuables.

Sources say that this incident occurred a few days ago in the Ainu-Mina district.

This comes as the Taliban have been punishing residents of Kandahar province for theft.