Taliban to Soon Introduce and Implement New Media Law in Afghanistan

According to Mawlawi Mohajir Farahi, who has been appointed by the Taliban as the Deputy Publications Minister for the Information and Culture Ministry, a new media law will be introduced in Afghanistan.

During a meeting with local Ministry officials and journalists in Nangarhar on Monday, the Taliban’s Deputy Minister of Information and Culture announced the introduction of the new media law.

Farahi has informed that the new law has been forwarded to the Taliban leader for approval and will be made available to the media in the near future.

Although Farahi did not elaborate on the drafting process of the new media law, he emphasized that the Taliban expects the media to uphold Islamic values, Afghan culture, and national interests.

In addition, he asserted that the Taliban will recruit journalists who lost their jobs following the group’s takeover, in suitable departments.

During their more than 18 months of control over Afghanistan, the Taliban have enforced numerous limitations on the media and its workers.

The Taliban have announced their plans to introduce a new media law, while their spokesperson, Zabihullah Mujahid, had previously declared the previous government’s mass media law as enforceable.