Nadim Calls for Death Penalty for System Destroyers

Nada Mohammad Nadim, Minister of Higher Education for the Taliban, has stated that those who disrupt the system of this group are subject to execution.

On Sunday, Nadim made these statements during his speech at the graduation ceremony for judicial students in Kandahar.

He added that anyone who seeks to disrupt the system, whether through words, writing, or action, should be considered a rebel and put to death.

The Minister of Higher Education of the Taliban did not name any individual or group, however, he highlighted that foreign conspiracies are causing difficulties for the Afghan people, and that the Taliban are prepared to put an end to them.

Since assuming power, the Taliban have detained, inflicted torture upon, and even murdered some of their political opponents in a variety of ways.

This group does not respond to individuals or human rights institutions regarding their actions outside of the law.