Two ANDSF Members Heinously Killed in Jawzjan

Two former members of Afghanistan’s National Defense and Security Forces (ANDSF) were killed in Jawzjan province, located in the northwestern region of the country.

Local sources told Hasht-e Subh that Sattar Sirat, who formerly served in the ranks of the special forces under the republic regime, was found dead in the valleys of Jawzjan on Friday after being arrested by the Taliban two weeks ago.

As Siret’s body exhibits signs of torture and beating, sources suggest that he was killed in a cruel and heinous manner.

In addition, local sources in Jawzjan reported that a former republic government police officer, Enayatullah, was found dead in Faizabad district, detailing that his body was burned.

Concern is expressed by human rights advocates over the killings of former members of the Afghan security forces. Former ANDSF members have been reported as being hunted down by Taliban members across Afghanistan. There were at least four ANDSF members mysteriously killed in Kandahar and Baghlan provinces last week.