War Against Taliban Likely to Intensify, Says UN Experts

Resistance against the Taliban will likely intensify, according to experts.

UN experts have told the Security Council that the Taliban are under threat from the ISKP and NRF and that the war in Afghanistan could escalate as the climate changes.

The Washington Post quoted the experts as saying on Friday that the Taliban were maintaining close ties with al-Qaeda because they wanted to consolidate their control over Afghanistan.

The main military threat against the Taliban comes from the ISKP and guerrilla attacks by former Afghan government security personnel, the report said.

Experts also said that the war could escalate as the weather changes, as the NRF and ISKP are conducting operations against Taliban forces.

However, experts have stated that the ISKP and al-Qaeda do not appear to be able to carry out international attacks until 2023.

The Taliban have oppressed other ethnic groups and now their main concern is to consolidate their control over Afghanistan, according to the report.

“Since taking power, many factors have led to tensions, leading to the perception that the Taliban government is turbulent, fragmented, and prone to policy change and backtracking,” the Washington Post quoted the expert as saying.

Concerns have been raised about the escalation of the war in the country and the threat posed by the ISKP, while Taliban Defense Minister Mullah Yaqub has denied ISKP’s physical presence in an interview with an Indian media outlet.

It is worth mentioning that recently, a large number of countries have convened meetings focusing on Afghanistan, expressing concern for regional security.