Women’s Protests Accuse UN of Complicity in Gender Apartheid with Taliban in Afghanistan

Women’s protest movements have accused the United Nations of complicity in gender apartheid with the Taliban.

In a statement issued on Friday, May 12, the Afghan Women’s Protests Alliance called for a strong stance from the United Nations regarding the Taliban’s commission of gender apartheid.

The statement cited the UN’s decision to continue providing humanitarian aid in the absence of women employed in UN agencies, stating, “This decision by the United Nations is disturbing and calls into question the organization’s commitment to human rights values and meaningful participation of women.”

According to the Afghan Women’s Protests Alliance, the UN and the global community’s acquiescence to the restrictions imposed by the Taliban on women has emboldened the group more than ever before.

The alliance has called for the suspension of UN activities until the restrictions imposed by the Taliban on women in Afghanistan are lifted.

They have also called on the international community to demonstrate their commitment to defending women’s rights in practice.

The Afghan Women’s Protests Alliance made these statements in response to the continued restriction of women’s employment in UN agencies in the country by the Taliban.

Last month, the Taliban further imposed restrictions on the lives of Afghan women by banning women from working in UN-related sectors in the country.