2 Taliban Members Among 3 Afghan Drug Traffickers Killed by Tajik Border Forces

Tajikistan border forces fatally shot three Afghan drug traffickers, including two Taliban.

According to sources, Tajik border forces intercepted and targeted the drug traffickers as they entered Tajikistan via Bostan village in Darqad district, Takhar province.

Sources also mentioned that the smugglers included two members of the Taliban.

Two of the traffickers drowned in the Amu River – one was recovered in Khawaja Ghar district of Takhar, while the other remains missing.

Darqad, Dasht-e Qala, Khawaja Bahauddin, Chah Abab, and Khawaja Ghar districts in Takhar province, north Afghanistan share a border with Tajikistan.

Tajikistan has consistently expressed concerns over the transportation of narcotics and individuals deemed as terrorists from Afghanistan.