Campaign for the Urgent Release of Musa Shahin Launched by ANIM Amid Torture Allegations

Nearly three months after the release of Musa Shahin, a local singer, the head of Afghanistan National Institute of Music (ANIM) has launched a campaign for his urgent release.

Ahmad Sarmast, the head of the institute, on Friday, called on human rights organizations and the United Nations to take immediate action for the release of this local singer.

He said in a tweet, “Raise your voice for the release of Musa Shahin, who has been detained by Taliban.”

Sarmast had tweeted a day earlier that Musa Shahin, an Afghan singer, had been brutally tortured. He added that this local singer is sick and does not have access to medical help.

Taliban have not said anything about the detention of this local singer.

Musa Shahin is a resident of Panjshir province. He was arrested by the Taliban in a violent manner in Kabul about three months ago.