Female Afghan Judges in Serious Danger: Former Judge Launches Campaign to Support Them

As restrictions and threats against women activists in Afghanistan continue, some female judges say they are at serious risk.

Maryam Babakarkheel, a former female judge in ex-government, launched a campaign in support of former female judges on Monday, April 10.

“These brave women sent the Taliban, terrorists, and criminals to prison, but now that the Taliban have taken control of Afghanistan and released all prisoners, women who used to enforce justice are now threatened by these savage and criminal men,” said Babakarkheel.

According to Babakarkheel, female judges in the previous government continue to live in hiding and are at imminent risk.

“They have nothing left, no income, no security, no support. They are only afraid and waiting for that inevitable dangerous blow,” she added.

Babakarkheel has called on the British government and the international community to do everything they can to evacuate, issue emergency visas, and provide urgent assistance to female judges in Afghanistan.

Babakarkheel, who currently lives in the UK, said she was forced to leave the country after the Taliban took over Afghanistan and after two attempts on her life.

According to reports, the Taliban have destroyed the country’s judicial system after taking control of Afghanistan, and no female judge can currently work within their judicial system.