Former Government Army Officer Mysteriously Murdered in Kandahar

Local sources in Kandahar province report that a former government army officer has been “mysteriously” murdered in the region.

According to reports obtained by Hasht-e Subh, the victim was identified as Khalil Ahmad and was killed on the Thursday night, September 14th, in the “Ainu Mina” area of Kandahar city.

Sources indicate that Khalil Ahmad was subjected to torture before being fatally attacked with a knife.

While the precise motive and the identities of the perpetrators behind Khalil Ahmad’s murder remain unknown, sources suggest that he had been detained by the Taliban the night before his demise and subsequently met a tragic fate.

Meanwhile, Rahmatullah Andar, the spokesperson for the former government’s National Security Council, stated that the Taliban had apprehended Khalil Ahmad in the 10th district of Kandahar.

He posted on his social media platform that Khalil Ahmad, the son of Dostum Khan, was discovered lifeless in the Jarai district of Kandahar province, with signs of knife wounds on his body, specifically a cut throat.

According to Andar, Khalil Ahmad had been residing in Aino Mina, Kandahar, and had received multiple threats from the Taliban in the 10th district.

However, local Taliban officials have categorically denied these allegations, asserting that their forces discovered Khalil Ahmad injured in Aino Mina and promptly transported him to a hospital. Regrettably, he succumbed to his injuries while undergoing treatment.

The Taliban have attributed the murder of this former government military officer to “family disputes.”

It is essential to note that since the Taliban’s resurgence, numerous former government military personnel across various regions of the country have met mysterious and untimely deaths.

Human rights organizations have consistently accused the Taliban of being responsible for these killings of former government military personnel.