Taliban Arrested Official of “Pen Path” Foundation in Kabul

According to informed sources in Kandahar province, Taliban have arrested an activist in the field of education for girls and boys from Kabul.

Sources speaking to Hasht-e-Subh say that the person’s name is Matiullah Wesa, and Taliban arrested him on Tuesday, from the Khoshhal-Khan area, located in the 5th district of Kabul, and transferred him to an unknown location.

Sources add that Matiullah Wesa is the official of “The Pen Path” Foundation and has been working on education for girls and boys in Kandahar province for several years.

According to sources, Wesa may have been detained by the Haqqani branch of the Taliban group from Kabul city.

The motive for his arrest is not yet clear.

Taliban have not yet commented on this matter.

Previously, Taliban had detained and imprisoned several civil activists, human rights activists, and university professors in various parts of Afghanistan, especially in Kabul, on various charges.