A Taliban Commander Killed in Kabul Blast

An explosion in Kabul caused the death of a Taliban commander and left two other fighters injured.

The blast occurred on Thursday morning in the Karta-e Naw hill area, located on the outskirts of the 8th police district in Kabul city, according to sources in Kabul.

The blast occurred due to the detonation of Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs) that were planted at a Taliban security checkpost.

Sources confirmed that the slain Taliban commander was named Samiullah, who served as the commander of the checkpost located in Karta-e Naw hill area.

No statements have been made by the Taliban regarding the blast and its casualties thus far.

No group has immediately claimed responsibility for this blast.

In the second PD of Kabul, a Hilux vehicle owned by the Taliban was hit by an IED explosion two days ago.