Taliban Imposes Controversial Ban on Machinery for Wheat Harvest in Khost Province, Affecting Farmers’ Productivity

As the wheat harvest season begins in Afghanistan, the Taliban has prohibited the use of machinery for threshing and harvesting wheat in Khost province.

Several farmers in Khost reported on Sunday, May 21, that the Taliban has informed them in the province’s center and districts that they are not allowed to use machinery for wheat harvesting.

According to the farmers, this action by the Taliban has resulted in a prolonged process of wheat collection from the fields.

Farmers state that the extended duration of the wheat collection process, combined with recent hailstorms, has caused damage to their crops.

Thus far, the Taliban has not provided any explanation regarding the reasons for banning the use of machinery for wheat harvesting.

Last year, the Taliban had also declared the prohibition of using machinery for wheat threshing in several provinces, including Ghazni, Herat, and Paktika.