Taliban Kill a Man and Detain 11 Family Members on Charges of ISIS Membership in Parwan

Local sources in Parwan province report that Taliban have killed a man on charges of belonging to the ISIS group.

The incident occurred on Friday, April 7, in Shahrak-e Moalemin, in the first security zone of Charekar City.

According to sources, Taliban detained the family members of the killed man, including eight women and three children, and transferred them to an unknown location.

It is not yet clear whether this family had any affiliation with ISIS.

However, Taliban claimed to have operated against an ISIS hideout in the center of Parwan provinces.

Mohammad Kamran Zaid, a spokesperson for the Taliban’s security command in Parwan, stated that one ISIS member was killed during this operation.

Last year, Taliban also killed several individuals on charges of belonging to ISIS in Parwan and exploded their residential houses.