The Cultivation of Marijuana in Afghanistan Banned by Taliban

Mullah Hebatullah Akhundzadah, the absent leader of the Taliban group, has announced a ban on marijuana cultivation in Afghanistan.

On Saturday, the Twitter account of the Taliban Affairs Department tweeted the order number 510 of the Taliban leader, which was issued regarding the prohibition of marijuana cultivation.

In this decree, the Taliban leader has said: “The cultivation of marijuana is absolutely prohibited in the whole country, and after this, no one can plant marijuana on their land, and if they plant marijuana on their land, their cultivation will be destroyed.”

Mullah Hebatullah ordered the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Taliban and other investigative departments of this group to present the offenders to the court.

As a part of this decree, the Judicial Institutions of the Taliban were also ordered to punish the violators based on Shariat orders.

The leader of the Taliban has announced a ban on the cultivation of marijuana in Afghanistan. In contrast, according to reports, Mullah Hebatullah’s orders to ban poppy cultivation and drug trafficking in the southern provinces are ineffective and opium is actually bought and sold in the markets of these provinces.