The Taliban Must Transform Into a Political Party

The Taliban must transform into a political party in order to play an effective role in stabilizing the country.

To get out of the crisis and save Afghanistan from entering into an eternal war, the Taliban must have the courage to develop a political party based on their ideology and use legitimate means to gain power.

If the Taliban does not want Afghanistan to turn into an eternal hotbed of war and destruction, the group has no option but to transform into a political party and wage a political struggle through legal frameworks. Afghanistan does not have a legitimate political system, because a victory by violence does not legitimize any group – such a system is neither recognized by the people, nor by the international community.

Taliban is advised to unfold the history and accept the realities. It is undoubtedly impossible to rule a nation forever by using weapon. 

In a diverse, pluralistic society, it is normal for a party or group to have conservative views, or even severely backward views. Citizens of all walks of life have the right to act within the law, to express their views, and increase the number of their supporters in a peaceful way. This alone does not lead to violence and crisis.

The crisis begins when one of these groups, from any spectrum and from any ethnicity, decides to rule an entire geographical territory by using force and violence and forcing its will on everyone. Doing so means eliminating and ignoring all other groups, which will definitely lead to war and violence.

Living in a state of war, for any group and for any motive, leads to a deep break from society and the loss of the language of understanding. Soldiers and fighters of such groups usually become accustomed to violence, lose their mental balance, and are in dire need of special care and rehabilitation programs in order to prepare for a peaceful civilian life.

Turning a war group into a political party that convinces people of its plans with reasoning is a long-term process, but it is not impossible. Other groups have a duty to welcome this change and to work with them and enable the environment for such an efforts and change. Civic institutions must take part in the process of regeneration and rehabilitation by providing social, health and medical services. Special measures must be taken to employ fighters and attract them to the labor markets, as well as train them social and civil behavior that should gradually lead them towards self-esteem development and integration into human society.

Whenever the leadership of this group announces that such a decision has been reached and such a change has begun, it will undoubtedly be met with widespread domestic and foreign acclaim. International organizations from around the world will cooperate to manage the transition from war to civilian status in specialized ways. The civilization of war groups and their politicization is the only way for other groups to give up war activities, just as their insistence on a militant identity leads to the emergence of more warring parties. If the Taliban want the people to reconcile with them, they must take the right step to bring peace and stability. The right way to do this is to give up war and turn to politics. The United Nations, the international community and regional powers must all focus on this key point. The Taliban will only be acceptable to the people as a political party, not as a militant and violent group. Now the ball is in the Taliban’s playground and the people are eagerly waiting for their decision!