Afghan Women Stand Up Against Taliban Oppression: Women’s Justice Movement of Afghanistan Launches Its Activities in Herat Province

In a newsletter released on Thursday, 13 April, the movement stated that they will not remain silent and will fight for women’s human rights until the end of their lives.

The newsletter reads: “The Taliban are responsible for our deprivation, and those who support this terrorist group have turned them from a group of cave-dwellers and fugitives into a group that engages in political chicanery in international arenas, and gradually a country with the hopes and aspirations of several generations has fallen under the tyranny and dictatorship of this arrogant group.”

According to the “Women’s Justice Movement,” Afghan women have suddenly been removed from all spheres of life and have no access to their basic human rights, including the right to education, work, expression, and free living.

The protesting women in Herat say they will begin their protest rallies against the “inhumane and terrorist acts of the Taliban” and use every possible means to raise their just voice.

This is while the Taliban have severely suppressed any protests against their actions since taking control of Afghanistan.