Former ANDSF Member Shot Dead by Taliban in Show Trial in Paktika

The Taliban shot dead an ex-member of Afghanistan’s National Defense and Security Forces (ANDSF) during a field trial in Paktika.

According to local sources, Badr al-Din Haidari, also known as Badu and a former soldier of ANDSF, was detained by the Taliban two days ago in Khost province. The news was reported on Thursday.

After the Taliban seized control, Badu reportedly fled to Pakistan. However, upon his return to Afghanistan, he was apprehended by the Taliban and taken to Paktika. Badu formerly served as the police commander for Paktika’s Bak Khel district.

As of now, the Taliban in Paktika have not disclosed any information regarding the motive behind detaining and executing the former ANDSF soldier.

There has been a surge in the number of former ANDSF soldiers being killed by Taliban militants, despite the group’s announcement of amnesty. This trend is a matter of great concern, as revenge killing signifies a violation of human rights. It also raises questions about the sincerity of the Taliban’s commitment to the Afghanistan’s stability.

In a recent incident, the body of a former soldier was discovered outside his residence in Kandahar after he was taken into custody by the Taliban. Such acts of violence against individuals who have served their country are not only inhumane but also undermine the prospects of lasting peace in Afghanistan.