House-to-House Search Operations in Panjshir, Taliban Torture and Arrest Innocent Civilians

Local sources in Panjshir province report the start of house-to-house search operations in parts of this province.

Reliable sources, talking to Hasht-e Subh, say that the Taliban have started house-to-house inspection on Saturday morning, November 12, in some villages of Annaba and Rakheh districts.

Sources claim that the Taliban have arrested more than 10 local residents of these districts during their inspection and have taken them to an unknown location.

The sources added that the arrested persons are civilians and have no connection to any resistance force.

According to the sources, the Taliban have deployed additional troops to some parts of Panjshir for several days and these forces use the residential, schools, and health centers as army bases.

The Taliban have not said anything about this so far.

Taliban are being accused of baseless detention, torture and even killing the innocent civilian during the house-to-house search operations across the country, particularly in Panjshir.