India Evacuates Its Consulate Staff Temporarily from Kandahar

8 Subh, Kabul: Following the Taliban attack on Kandahar, the Indian Foreign Ministry has confirmed that it has temporarily evacuated its consulate staff from Kandahar province.

Arindam Baghchi, Indian Ministry of Foreign Affairs Spokesperson, issued a statement on Sunday, July 11, saying that he had temporarily evacuated his staff from the city due to escalating fighting near Kandahar.

Baghchi said the consulate in Kandahar is not closed and that the measures taken is temporary. He stated that India is closely monitoring the evolving security situation in Afghanistan.

He further added that, “the Indian Consulate in Kandahar is temporarily run by local staff.”

India’s Foreign Ministry has previously said that the security situation in Afghanistan is directly linked to regional security and that violence in the country must end.

The Taliban attacked the city of Kandahar on Friday, but were repelled by security forces.