Kabir, Ex-National Security Member, Arrested by Taliban in Samangan

Local sources in Samangan province confirm that the Taliban intelligence agents arrested one of the National Directorate of Security (NDS) members affiliated with the former government on the day of his son’s wedding ceremony. However, there is yet no clue where he has been taken to.

Sources said Wednesday that the detainee’s name is Mohammad Kabir who was arrested 10 days ago from Aybak city by the Taliban on the day of his son’s wedding party.

Meanwhile, sources close to the detainee said that despite the general amnesty announcement, Kabir had continued his duty but the head of the Taliban intelligence expelled him after a few months.

Taliban members have not yet provided details on the case.

After the Taliban came to power in late August, they have always started arresting and torturing the security forces of the former government.