Taliban Receives Fifth Aid Package Worth $40 Million in Cash

In a newsletter, the Central Bank of Afghanistan under Taliban control in a series of Tweets said on Tuesday, October 18 that the group received the fifth aid package of 40 million dollars from the international community in Kabul. 

This bank added that as an institution supervising the financial and banking sector of the country, it has always tried to develop and maintain reliable and professional relations with all international financial and banking institutions aligned with international laws and regulations.

In the last 16 days, this is the fifth package of 40 million dollars that reaches Kabul in addition to four packages of 40 million USD each.

The international community has been injecting aid packages while there is no reliable monitoring mechanism on the ways these funds are being spent. Meanwhile, there are no accurate figures for the cash aid that has been given to Afghanistan after the Taliban swept into power in late August.