Devastating Floods Strike Maidan Wardak and Ghor, Leaving a Trail of Financial Ruin

The Office of Natural Disasters, under the management of the Taliban in Maidan Wardak Province, has announced that a recent flood in the province has caused significant financial damage to the people.

In a press release issued today (Wednesday, May 24th), the office reported the occurrence of floods in several districts of Maidan Wardak province.

According to the press release, heavy rainfall and subsequent flooding have resulted in the destruction of 30 residential houses in the city center and the Jalriz district of Maidan Wardak Province. Additionally, 200 hectares of agricultural land have been washed away.

Furthermore, residents of the Teyora district in Ghor Province report that three public bridges, several water wells, over 10,000 fruit-bearing and non-fruit-bearing trees, hundreds of hectares of agricultural land, and pasture have been destroyed.

However, detailed information about human casualties from the recent floods in Maidan Wardak and Ghor is not available at the moment.

Yesterday, seven individuals lost their lives as a result of the flood in Ghor Province.